Why joining as a Member ?

Members benefit from a large and dynamic network of professionals. They share ideas and experiences with other international companies and talented colleagues from various horizons.

Being a Member of GroupExpat gives you the possibility to:

  • Meet companies of various backgrounds;
  • Share experiences and information with others Corporate Members and Providers on managing expats;
  • Find professional providers in the domain;
  • Gain from our projects and training days;

Being a Member of GroupExpat is also sharing our values and suporting the enhancement of professional fulfilment and growth of mobility.


Should you envisage to become a Member of GroupExpat, please complete the contact form with your message, or send us an e-mail at the following address: contact@groupexpat.com

Service Provider
Should you be a Service Provider, please note that we have to respect the proportion of one third maximum, in relation to the number of Corporate Members.

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